Lizard Turntable

Another pass on the Tan's Lizard texture. Rendered him out in Marmoset, then put together in Premiere.

Beginning of Rant:

This time around I had to experiment with codec compression, I ended up playing around with H.264 under one of the HD presets.

The goal, as always, is to get the image sequence matching 1 to 1 with the video output. Yet, I'm struggling to understand why after outputting it, the mp4 vid seems 'washed out', less contrast/saturation. I discovered that Quicktime player views the mp4 correctly, in VLC you have to turn off 'Image adjust' (in adjustments and effects - video effects - essential);

Bringing it into Youtube, the final output still looks 'washed out', so manual inc. of contrast by 1 (w youtube enhancements) seems to make it look like the original image.

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