Switching to WordPress


I enjoyed using Blogger, but currently it seems that WordPress offers more options in terms of social/customization/mobile features;

But I'm sure that Google will think of something extremely innovative which will dominated the blogging market.

Game Character Creation Notes

Lizard in Flames


Personal #game character project that I've been working on. Shot in UE4

Also, for the past many months I've worked upon revamping my portfolio site, using WIX as the building engine in hopes of getting it to display better on mobile devices. I managed to add a 'Tutorial' section to the site; My goal was to sum up the knowledge I've learned in the past two years working with sensationally talented mentors (AC Cable Randall Foster).

Link: http://www.dimakulakov.com/tutorial-lizard

The Plan was to create a simple animatable character with an easy-to-set-up rig system and place him into an engine. Ofc many things have happened on the journey, I loved and lost, had children, they in turn had their own children, I saw civilizations fall and rise again, and I no longer am the same - But hopefully someone out there who's beginning to create Characters for Games might pick some knowledge up.

The character was based on a sketch by super talented Tan ZhiHui


Motherly Love

Earth is a mother, because it provides every species with the possibility to grow (evolve) until that specie 'leaves' it's home and family and journeys outwards. If the child gets too rebellious, Mother puts him out of his psychosis. There is love, and resources for all, but when a child starts to offset the balance, to take away from the rest of his yet unborn/uncreated siblings; then that child is cast out, or mainly destroyed.

The Most Epic Story

Scene: The Most Epic Story is about human creation, of their own selves and the things they've built; from the time of being single-celled organisms, the struggle to survive and evolve. Each 'leap' in evolution could be categorized, evolving in the spawn pool, achieving sensory, coming on land. Each of those could be looked as 'steps' in our progression; analyzing from a far, those steps would be in the range of millions. After the man settles in and no longer thinks about protecting himself and his family, the thoughts start to be directed outwards, towards the stars and space; creating shelled flying bodies; as teenagers, we start to leave our home seeking the wonders and new mysteries. We start noticing the fusion of tech within ourselves and our environment; manifestations of operating systems in bodies with high sensory perceptions. We leave the word to them. Fully understanding that time is a circle by looking at it from the 4th dimension, we strive to 'ascend', leaving the whole universe behind. Constant story arcs of war and love plague every step of the way. As the mother flips a page in the book, saying that it's time for bed, the child feebly argues but realizes that tomorrow there's more story to come.


- 1st pass of anim done


- Writing for the presentation complete
- Port site complete
- Mobile site complete
- Site tut template complete
- site tut for mobile complete


- Cleaned up the Writing for the presentation
- Did half-a-pass on the Portfolio Site
- Decided to switch blog from Blogger to Wordpress
- Set up Wordpress's Template


- Finished off the second part of the "Syllabus"
- Started cleaning up the writing and making it Presentation-Friendly.


- Chores and Gym
- Cooking
- First part of a rough syllabus complete
- Microphone tests + Audacity's Noise Reduction Effects