Life Drawing - Pelvises

Rotation of the pelvis for the Life Drawing class.

WIP - Shirt Design

WIP - 2 Seasons

Comic Book

The main premises of the project was to illustrate time through the use of panels. In the movie-gorgon it would be called a wide shot - to establish the scenario, a medium - to understand the character's interactions and a close shot - to feature subtle emotions and clues.

I purposely disregarded the project and made it into a graphic novel with lots of medium/wide shots; that only means that you'd have to put so much more information into it and if it was a movie, then the costs would skyrocket.

This was a personal test, in attempt to get away with lots of medium/wide shots.

At first it was a rough concept that I put together, disregarding panels in general, making them all the symmetrical and even.

Then, one by one, meticulously I created the panels which, I presumed, would get me through the story.

A semi-wide shot; hero flying in for an action.

Was trying to get a fish-eyed effect, without the 5-p perspective.

The Idea of the story, is that an alien life form invaded earth; spores with parricides fall from the monster's organ, infecting the human buildings, mutating them into grotesque overlords who protect the hatcheries, which are spawning on the walls of the former buildings.

The hero is scanning for signs of life, while standing in the infested building.


Here, The monster's right oblique attacks the hero while penetrating and destroying buildings that were in it's way.

As the hero jumps out of the way of the attack, straight into the monster's mouth we see a guy, who's building just got destroyed, unable to take the pressure and blowing his brains out.

The creature overshadows him from his back, revealing it's scale.

Just a regular sketch for me; The whole theme was based off this creature.

Character Design - From Cradle to the Grave

This was the original rough lineup for the character who had many professions in his life; went through a crisis when he was young and how he managed to overcome his disability through training. The second part of the story talks about his army experience.

After the army he goes through many other professions to support his family. And takes up golfing, which inevitably leads him to his downfall.

Life Drawing - Skulls

Conte on paper. For this one, I tried rendering each skull in it's own style.The bottom one is vertical contour mapping, tried to emulate a 3d mesh.

Car WIP 2


Life Drawing - Hands

Instead of doing 50 hands like the teacher instructed, I felt like doing an illustration out of it. The process was: Took photos of my own hand, rearranged them in PS, printed it out, went over the print with led and added my own features, plopped it down onto another paper and rubbed the lines on the print so it'd transfer onto the paper. Printmaking at it's finest. The hands serve as a placeholder, now I'm going to go in and start drawing the hands with ink while referencing my own.

Character Design - Finalization

This too way too long, going to be interesting making lots of dynamic poses..

Character Design - WIP

Coming along very slowly

Life Drawing

Wish I wish that I was better

Traditional Animation - Head_Rotation

A head turnaround of a character I'm sculpting for Character_Design class.

Traditional Animation - Walk

first rough stage, animating thumbnails

testing out ideas and the general flow, drawing on animation paper now.

What if he were to resist his inavibility? just another idea.

Flushed out the flow that I wanted to go with; yet still not finished, need to add double the drawings to make it smooth and fix mistakes.

ToonBoom - IB_Tony

For this assignment, we had to clean up and inbeetween one drawing for Tony The Tiger clip. The original drawings were done by our talented animation teacher - Blair Kitchen.

ToonBoom - IB_George


Our Digital_Animation instructor Barnabas Wornoff, had us inbeetween and clean up many of the drawings provided to us by Blair Kitchen. This one comes from a show called "Curious George".

ToonBoom - Settle

Clearly not finished product, rushed through the assignment.

ToonBoom - Ball_Bounce

A bouncing of the scarecrow, first assignment for Digital Animation, getting familiar with the controls.