ROM sketch

An old ROM sketch

Character Design - "Ois" The BattlePig

Put Basic colors on him digitally.

The final photos were taken with Grey Primer applied to the sculpt.

Used many different materials for this project - as always, wish I had more time to work on it.

Layout - Mad Scientist Lab

Layout - Barbershop

Layout - Kitchen

This is the first Layout that we had to do in First Year. This is my grandmother's kitchen, drawn from memory.

Digital Painting - Cell Cutting

The Linework was done by my teacher, Omar Dogan.

Character Design - Dynamic Expressions

Character Design - Personas

This was the Final Assignment for the first year. We were supposed to create a personality to the drawings. I can happily saw, that I've improved from First Year.

Character Design - Sculpts

This project, was one of the First Year's Assignments, where you had to sculpt out a bust, then draw from what you see, under certain lighting conditions.

ToonBoom - Pan_Rough

- This was out final project for Toonboom, we can do incorporate many different techniques we learned during the semester. Hopefully, time permits, I will redo this.

ToonBoom - Rough Pan

- A rough BG that was used for Final Assignment for Toonboom.

Yearbook Spread

A conclusion of the 1st year.

RoboKnight WIP 2

While working on this, my tablet gave out and I wasn't able to finish the assignment. 
The one on the right is the hipster cop.

Medieval Robocop - Pass one