WIP - Chr_Arm_Wip2

- Seeing how things render /w a true persp camera.

WIP - Chr_Leg_Wip2

WIP - Room Block Out

- none of the props are mine; free from the web


- all the props in this scene were downloaded for free from the web.

WIP - Steampunk_Helmet

- a stage before zbrush

V-Ray Render; Gas Can

- trying out V-ray, softbox light.

Scene Composition_WIP

- scene composition

Gas Can

- Hopefully going to texture and LP it later. And add some character.


- For this character I'm going towards slightly exaggerated proportions. Inspired heavily by Brink's character design, and Jon Foster's art.


- in Verold, the result is slightly blurry; was trying out Marmoset to render out a final image.

Sci-Fi Crate

- An assignment for the Texturing class. The lowpoly model was provided by the teacher Dan Cox (Danjohncox.tumblr.com)

High Poly to Low Poly Crate

- Crate; low poly on the left, high poly on the right. it's been tough to get appropriate normals result in max's render to texture, so tried out Xnormals, very satisfied especially with occlusion. Going to texture it later.

Organic Modeling - Dino WIP

- Trying to play around /w the transpose tools to make a pose. Keeps failing on me + distorting the geo too much; yet that's my fault.

Texture - Bobo Diffuse WIP

- In this assignment, we were required to create a diffuse for an existing character model. His style and armor was inspired by World of Warcraft's art direction; Still a WIP

Texture - First Crate Txtr WIP

- First texture, created for texturing class. Diffuse exercise
- Still WIP.

Animation Assignment_Robot Jump

 - Intro to animation in Max.


- Fast compilation of assets from the UT3 Editor, really rushed.

UT3 Level

First Level built in UT3 Engine.

First Assignment


Rendered in Hypershot

Quick 3d Doodle

3h doodle, ZBrush+PS

Medieval Spawn_Wip 3


- Just having fun making these.

Medieval Spawn_WIP 3

- First time trying to implement a background -- Think the colors over did it.