- Cleaned up the Writing for the presentation
- Did half-a-pass on the Portfolio Site
- Decided to switch blog from Blogger to Wordpress
- Set up Wordpress's Template


- Finished off the second part of the "Syllabus"
- Started cleaning up the writing and making it Presentation-Friendly.


- Chores and Gym
- Cooking
- First part of a rough syllabus complete
- Microphone tests + Audacity's Noise Reduction Effects

Boiler Room

I haven't heard about "Boiler Room" until now;


Boiler Room is a global online music broadcasting platform commissioning and streaming live music sessions around the world. Founded in London in 2010, Boiler Room has now hosted shows in around 100 cities worldwide

Check when they're gonna be

Nothingness(dark) turns into something with Thought(light)

It's interesting that us, humans, take chaos (around us) and turn it into a discipline (or a science). Taking something that seems extremely random, invisible (to the eye) with unfathomable logic and turn it into something usable, and not only usable but something that will push our technologies even further.


- Learned about UE4's Level Sequence (Matinee turned into Legacy)
- Watched "Creating Skin Subsurface Materials In Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial Basics" from HiredGun Games
- Customized his ^ ideas of the shader to fit my needs
- Discovered a problem, upon importing a 3ds Max 2015 scene into 3ds Max 2017, then exporting from 2017 the scene as an .fbx back into 2015, Normal/Smoothing Group issue arises. It looks fine in viewport but in UE4/Marmoset it looks busted.
- To solve the issue one can export the geo from 2015 as an .obj, then re-import it, and replace the mesh. Then upon exporting as an .fbx from 2015, the normal groups should look fine.


I'm going to try to post everyday, almost as a meditative way of grounding the days. Trying to express, even in point form, the activities of the day. So, I'd be able to look back and see 'time'. Unlike now, when days blur into years.


There is a difference between an AI way of thinking vs. Human's stored memory (HSM) (i.e. Dixie Flatline)