WIP - Coats_Variety

- Here questions arise, which seems better the longer coat, or the shorter (jacket)?
- And does the Pelt on the shoulders add to the silhouette of the character or take away?

WIP - Face_Keyshot

- Testing out materials and looking at through a true persp. camera

WIP - Second_Body_Type

- Took some time off from looking at the body; didn't like the proportions and the style, decided to redo it fully, yet keeping the head.

WIP - Character_Face_Emotion

- Started to play around with emotions / expressions.
- Didn't get satisfactory result, reverted to neutral expression

WIP - Character_First_Body_Type

- Refined the body more adding details; didn't go ahead with this one.

WIP - Helmet_Keyshot

- trying to render separate materials in keyshot.

WIP - Chr_Hair_Test