- Pass_2

Trying to flesh out the details, still planning on the macro level. Very soon - going to break tiliable things apart and take them into Zbroosh.

Piece of old Czech city + imagination; trying to get the theme of old vs. new; as the new tech is taking over the old. Restorations are taking place, but it's only a matter of time till the defibrillator stops functioning.

Still playing around with the mood in Max and UE4.


- Tried concepting a Helmet piece for DOTA 2's Abaddon; Tried making it cartoony, but in the end, realized that I just can't draw well.


- Blockout

In the process of making a AAA-looking scene; The inspiration and lighting was taken from the second level of bf2 + the actual architecture was photographed in detail, whilst I visited Prague. I want to add lots of different rain effects, always going back to the bazaar scene from bladerunner.

currently, in ue4 having difficulty figuring out the conjunction between ExponentialHeightFog, and how it changes the color of the sky_sphere. On top of that chking and unchecking 'colors determined by sun position' + DirectionalLightStationary and how that effects the mood too - i just can't get the environment to feel dark enough.