On one of the many Vancouver's rainy days, I was walking past a scene, of two construction workers wearing long yellow rain coats surrounded by the lush green forestry of the quite suburbs. For my acute perception and foggy glasses I saw the two men tape of an area, go down a manhole and recover an unexplainable object.

I guess for time of great importance, they managed to quickly light a small propane fueled flame around the deep purple object. Strange smell filled the air as they've began to light some twigs on fire.

A dance began, slow at first, then picking up pace, they danced to an insane beat of a drum unheard. Infusion of break dance and gymnastics, operating smoothly within the wet conditions.
For a second, I was convinced that the strange object started to pulse with light from within. The men's faces covered in protective masks began to change shape; the clothes felt like they started to infuse with their skin.

My thoughts filled with madness, and I couldn't take seeing the sight much longer. Plus, I was late to work.

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